Qatar CoE

Phillips Education’s Center of Excellence, based at QBIC - Qatar Business Incubation Center was inaugurated on October 10, 2023, under the patronage of Dr. Hamad Salem Mujeghir.

This CoE represents a remarkable leap forward in addressing various industrial challenges. The CoE stands as a testament to Qatar’s commitment to technological advancement, skill development, and industrial progress.


To empower SMEs and corporate entities in Qatar and the region to build operational excellence to compete in the global markets and support economic diversification efforts in the region.

Phillips is confident that with our Solutions Suite, proposed in this document, Factory One will provide the necessary ecosystem to Qatar’s manufacturing entities to dominate the GCC and also compete in the global markets, eventually. All our solutions are benchmarked to Global standards and Industry 4.0, and we will continue to run ahead of our competition.


Be the primary centre of excellence offering capability building programs to empower manufacturing SMEs in Qatar to successfully drive productivity transformations in their business operations.

Phillips’ expertise in setting up centre of excellence along with its expert engineers who will be available from all over the world will guide Factory One at every step of the way to become the de-facto destination of manufacturing excellence.

The Challenges
The Solution

These solutions highlight the key benefits of the partnership between Factory One and Phillips, covering access to resources, market positioning, cost-efficiency, and a commitment to education, training, and innovation.

Why Phillips Education Was Chosen

Phillips Education was selected to spearhead this groundbreaking project for several compelling reasons. Their unwavering commitment and focused approach in conceiving and establishing the Center of Excellence set them apart. Phillips Education demonstrated a clear vision and dedication to realising the goals of this initiative. Their expertise and passion aligned perfectly with the CoE’s objectives, making them the ideal choice for this endeavor.

  • Additive manufacturing

  • Subtractive manufacturing

  • Robotics

  • Automation

  • Reverse engineering

  • Quality and inspection

  • Community building

Key Highlights
First CoE in Qatar
The Qatar CoE is the first of its kind in the country, marking a significant milestone in Qatar's industrial development.
International Collaborations
The CoE has garnered interest from notable international organizations and stakeholders. This suggests that the CoE's impact extends beyond Qatar's borders, fostering collaborations with influential players on the global stage.
Industry Partnerships
The CoE has established partnerships with leading industrial companies, ensuring the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources to drive innovation in Qatar's industrial sector.
Government Support
The CoE enjoys unwavering support from the Qatari government, reflecting its recognition of the CoE as a critical driver of economic growth and technological advancement in the nation.
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